after a total of 10 hours, im finally finished with my first embroidery!! it has many flaws, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I have so many ideas for my next projects and I know I’ll get better with practice #totoro #myneighbortotoro #embroidery #handstitching #crafts

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A mí me cuesta ser cariñoso, inclusive en la vida amorosa. Siempre doy menos de lo que tengo. Mi estilo de querer es ése, un poco reticente, reservando, el máximo sólo para las grandes ocasiones. De modo que si siempre estuviera expresando el máximo ¿qué dejaría para esos momentos (siempre hay cuatro o cinco en cada vida, en cada individuo) en que uno debe apelar el corazón en pleno? También siento un leve resquemor frente a lo cursi, y a mí lo cursi me parece justamente eso: andar siempre con el corazón en la mano.

 Mario Benedetti, La tregua

  • Translation: "Being affectionate is hard hard for me, including in my love life. I always give less than what I have. My style of love is a bit reluctant, reserved; its maximum capacity is reserved for the biggest occasions. If I had always expressed my maximum tenacity for love: what would I leave for those special moments (there is always four or five in every individual’s life) when one should submit their heart in its entirety? I also feel a slight resentment towards the cheesy, and to me cheesy seems just that: to walk around with your heart in your sleeve.”
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Photomanipulations by Federico Bebber

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I am really in love with this animation.

Everybody’s complaining about Popeye not having his pipe. I knew that was going to happen with today’s standards, so him not having it doesn’t bug me

What DOES bug me is the lack of tattoos, buuut I’ve heard this is supposed to be like an origin story, so maybe it’ll come later.

Regardless, the animation is PERFECT


holy shit can you imagine the rigging on these models holy fuck


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My Beautiful Woman based on a true story. 

Think twice before you judge a parent. 

most watch.

Guys, please watch this. This has to be one of the most powerful videos in the world, I bawled my eyes out


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